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 Youthful Rejuvenation, and confidence, through modern science and medicine.  Providing minimally invasive treatments that are quick, affordable, and effective. 

Med Spa, Salt Lake City, specializes in creating a personal program to address each area you wish to improve.  Operated by Larry A. Sargent MD FACS,  and our dedicated team of patient care technicians, we take a combined approach to ensuring the best medical care available.  Merging an intimate knowledge of the science behind the products we use with the best medical practices we have taken every step to improve results. We only employ the safest, latest, most effective treatments available to you our valued patients.


Whether your concern is wrinkle and fine line removal, skin smoothing and age-related rejuvenation, facial enhancement, hand rejuvenation, or fat loss, and skin tightening our products and equipment are the very latest and best available.  We do not employ inferior products or services; your results are what matters, as such, we Provide to you with the results you desire, guaranteed*



Whatever procedure you chose to address in your program of rejuvenation and personal confidence rest assured our team is extremely knowledgeable not only about how to address your concerns but, in every product, we use.  We are unique, in that, we have an intimate knowledge of not only how to treat you as well as the pharmaceuticals used in treatments.  Understanding the molecular, biochemical, and biological processes that take place in the use of our pharmaceuticals and equipment ensures better treatment and better results. 


Our goal is to provide the very best care possible.  The very best results possible.  The best products and equipment possible, and of course the very best assessment of your individual needs.



If you require more than pharmaceutical or in-office procedures, we offer the very best in plastic surgery procedures as well, through the Plastic Surgery Center of Utah.  Dr. Larry A. Sargent, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, featured on the Emmy Winning show The Doctors, and The Discovery, Learning and National Geographic Channels for his award-winning surgical techniques are available for free consults in our offices at 370 9th Avenue STE 200, Salt Lake City Utah 84103.  801.355.0731 or by using the contact form below.


Dr. larry A. Sargent 

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